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focus booster is a pomodoro app that is guaranteed to boost your productivity. 

This pomodoro app is the digital application of the pomodoro technique, allowing you to use a pomodoro timer conveniently, on your computer.

This pomodoro timer is guaranteed to enhance your focus and concentration and improve productivity. focus booster comes in two versions, a free desktop timer and pomodoro app and a free online timer and it has versions for both pomodoro on Mac and windows.

focus booster is a digital pomodoro timer that has been designed based on the principles of the pomodoro technique. This pomodoro app features:

- a sleek and unobtrusive design
- color changes as time goes by for quick, peripheral updates
- alarm/buzzer sounds for completed sessions
- customizeable time and sound settings
- session counter

The focus booster pomodoro timer works efficiently in the background as a free desktop timer without consuming computer resources, or your focus.

What is the pomodoro technique?

The pomodoro technique is a time management methodology created by Francesco Cirillo. Pomodoro enables you to take the stress out of deadlines by breaking down your day into segments, you work solidly during these periods and remove all distractions. At the end of the pomodoro session you reward yourself with a break.

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focus booster is a digital pomodoro timer to help you implement the pomodoro technique as quickly and efficiently as possible. Simply remove all distractions, select your session and break lengths and hit play. focus booster is easy to use and requires no fuss. Allowing you to focus on the things that are important, ignoring the distractions. Until you try it, you will never believe how greatly focus booster can increase your productivity… give it a go now to find out.

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The future of focus booster

focus booster is on the road to becoming the best pomodoro technique app around. We are in the process of implementing a whole range of new and exciting features, namely a new focus booster app called hq which will integrate with the focus booster timers to give you even more visibility of your productivity and the ability to manage clients and invoicing. Features include;

- integration with the focus booster desktop app to record sessions
- time tracking
- client & project management
- basic revenue reporting
- meta invoicing

If you are keen on helping out, we are soon to begin the beta testing and we would love your input. Email us to get on board.

Got some feedback?

We work on this app as a hobby at the moment (we hope that will change soon), so we can take a little longer to respond than we would like sometimes but we are listening (and responding as soon as we can).

Tell us what you want to see in focus booster, please visit this forum to share and comment on ideas for improvements.

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