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focus booster changelog

This is the changelog of all official focus booster releases since version 1.0.


  • Fixed the high CPU usage problem.


  • [Mac only] Reinstated the 'reset focus booster window' dock icon menu item.


  • You can now control the timer sound in breaks, independent of sessions
  • The width of the focus booster window can now go as large as the size of your screen
  • The minimum session time has been reduced to 2 minutes
  • The maximum break time has been increased to 30 minutes
  • Updated the sound of the break completion alert
  • We've refined the logic of the session count, and it now only shows completed sessions
  • You can now automatically start another session after your break
  • UI refinements to make for a better user experience


  • You can force reset focus booster's window position if you have issues in a multi-screen setup
  • focus booster window becomes opaque when dragging around the screen
  • focus booster will now restore to mini mode (if exited while in mini mode)
  • Fixed an issue in which preferences wouldn't always save in certain situations
  • focus booster can now handle time length change, while counting down


  • You can now control if focus booster is always on top or not
  • A new mini-mode for those that want a small focus booster (progress bar included)
  • Refined close button and placement
  • A new minimize button (to minimize focus booster)


  • Window position is now restored from the previous session


  • Resolved an issue in which the session length would not always update


  • Added a break counter (in between sessions)
  • Ticking sound preference is now live (i.e. starts/stops the ticking mid session)
  • A sound plays at the start of a new session (to get you focussed)
  • Added a gripper at the top of all windows (for easier dragging)
  • The interface now sports a close button
  • Most graphic elements have been refined
  • Pixel Bender effects for when a session is finished
  • The main window is now resizable
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focus booster v1.3.2

Last Updated: 28 - Nov - 2013

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